Three Parts of Sankofa Fashion Show: Part 2 Transformation

All is not lost! I can dream little light of hope. I have found someone who loves me as I am. I know some day soon, I will wake up with freedom.Freedom to school and be a figure of my society; freedom to make my own money.  Freedom to build my mind.

Amani.Liberia(w.Korto Momolu)Yekapa.show(photos.by.Heidi.Sheppard)_087

Garment description:Heavily burdened. keeping things together. still feeling unbalanced. My body is now my jewels. My education is my husband. The work of my hands is my pride. My image is my Creator.Oh!, Women of Liberia, there is hope! Look around you, can’t you see all the opportunities? Use your hands, your heart, your mind and do something beautiful. Let your children be proud of you, let your sisters be glad to have a person to imitate. Let your brothers rejoice for having a sister of substance.

Garment description: feeling complete. Begin restoring total beauty.

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