Three Parts of Sankofa Fashion Show: Part 3 Celebration

Aha, Oh yes, the new day is here. It is no more just a dream. I can feel it … people can seeit. Freedom is here. I am laughing, going to work and making my own money.  I am clothed in joy, my shoes are self respect and they carry me far. Now my brothers are proudly walking by my side, my children are dancing, they have a mother whom all respect. I can now move about in my community, I am no more the woman of disgrace, but a woman of glory. I feel the glow of my beauty; I thank my Maker for helping me live again. I am now a woman of worth; see, as I motion to other women of Liberia. Women of Africa, come and drink from the fountain of beauty.

Amani.Liberia(w.Korto Momolu)Yekapa.show(photos.by.Heidi.Sheppard)_173
Garment Description: trouble behind us. moving forward for a new future.

Garment Description:clean. visually pleasant. structure restored.

Photography by Heidi Sheppard.

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