Three Parts of Sankofa Fashion Show: Part 1 Separation

Where is the beauty of my womanhood? I have lost all. I have lost my ma, my pa. The war stopped my education. In the pursuit of getting my daily needs, many have become my husbands, just for little or nothing that they gave me; not that this is my choice, No! No! No! But I… was forced into it. I traded my dignity with little money; I traded my body with short time jobs that cannot pay for the value that was poured into me, by my Maker. Who is there to help? Everyone sees me as dirty and filthy. My beauty is growing old. No more friends for me. Even my daughter does not come near me. Who do I turn to? Is there a God Somewhere? Please, please somebody save me! Let me return to the beauty of my womanhood.

Amani.Liberia(w.Korto Momolu)Yekapa.show(photos.by.Heidi.Sheppard)_007

Garment description: unraveling shredded beauty. A beautiful dress unfinished. Back is exposed. Different layers broken down. Bloodshed.


Garment description: finale piece. Bound hands. No voice. Covering mouth. Skirt lifted illustrating violation.

Photography by Heidi Sheppard.

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