Production is in full swing at Amani Liberia!

August in Liberia means the beginning of the rainy season, but a little rain won't stop Amani Liberia!

Amani workspace buzzing with activity.
Everyone hard at work cutting and stitching.
...except for the cats.
So many scraps - every quilter's dream!
Felicia, now an experienced cutter, cutting placemats.
Just about anything can be used. Coming soon: Amani Laptop Cases!
Manager Famata delivers a stack of new Lappa fabric purchased during a recent trip to Guinea.
The design possibilities are endless for these new Lappa pieces!
Abaku, one of Amani's suppliers of Lappa.
Intern, Hannah, working with Felicia. Felicia can cut ten sets of coasters in one day - Each set includes six coasters, and each coaster is made of four pieces of fabric. That's 240 pieces cut in one day!

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  1. Beautiful glimpse! I am anxious to see more of those laptop bags ... I'd love to get my hands on one.

    Praying for you daily...