Sankofa Fashion Show Update.

We want to share and celebrate with you the Amani Liberia Sankofa Fashion Show. God truly used the show to bring glory and honor to His great name. The night in Yekepa was magical, indescribable as people from the community gathered for the first time in 20 years to witness the beauty of transformation through fashion, dance and music.  The Monrovia show was equally as magical, where Korto  Momolu was able to showcase and see her designs walk down the runway for first time in Liberia.

The show celebrated the value and worth of women as God values us and communicated that transformation is within reach of everyone!   Liberia is plagued by a society that has slipped into the abyss of moral decay.  Women have lost respect for themselves and easily sell themselves into prostitution because it is fast and easy money. The war has conditioned people to think that their life is worth little or nothing and that you have to grab and get all that you can today because tomorrow may never come. Women have heard the sound bites of empowerment and equal rights, but they seldom hear anything about their worth and value and the alternative life choice they have of living a life of dignity. The Sankofa show showcased the message of God’s value and worth for each one of us.

“The first show of its kind in the country of Liberia”(said by many attendees)

“The men have been ‘consciencetized’ by this show, women need to regain their status” (comment by a male voice)

“The first time an event has been held in City Hall by a Christian organization”

“Amani Liberia has helped us find gifts we never knew we had” (comments by dancers and musicians)

“Amani Liberia has become a household name in Liberia”

“We must learn to challenge the status quo of doing things by adding different dynamics to the trend. This is what Amani Liberia did when it partnered with a world class Liberian designer to tell the story of women’s suffering…”(Daily Observer Newspaper)

Amani.Liberia(w.Korto Momolu)Yekapa.show(photos.by.Heidi.Sheppard)_123


Photography by Heidi Sheppard.

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