Radio Interview with Amani Liberia Women and Korto Momolu

The past few weeks have been incredibly exciting for Amani Liberia. The Sankofa Fashion Show took place in Yekepa and Monrovia to officially launch Amani Liberia. Sankofa means, “Look to the past, walk to the future.” This is the shared narrative of women in Liberia: the pain of remembering destruction and loss, the hard work of rebuilding communities, and the hope of renewal and a future.   
Listen to the interview to learn more about Amani Liberia, the Sankofa fashion show, and Amani’s partnership with Liberian designer Korto Momolu. To listen to the interview, click the play button on the "video" clip below. The interview is approximately 50 minutes long with different portions of the interview focusing on Amani, Sankofa, Korto, and the Amani women. Thanks for listening! 

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