Curious Liberian Words and Phrases

Several members of Amani Liberia wearing their matching Amani t-shirts.

Here are a few Liberian words and phrases that tend to tickle Westerners:

Bright (light-skinned)
“Which woman, the bright one?”

 Double-double (a lot)
“It's a double-double blessing!”

Dress (move)
“Dress, please.” or “I was interested in her, so I was trying to dress close to her.”

Dry (thin)
Liberians prefer to be larger; to call someone thin might be insulting.
“She was too dry, but now she’s big!”

-o (added to provide emphasis)
Liberians often add an “o” to the end of anything they say in excitement
“There’s a snake-o!”

Fine (Beautiful, good, more than adequate)
“The building is fine-o!”

Reaching (heading towards)
“I am reaching home now.”

Small-small (little, less, fewer)
“I am getting better, small-small”

Take time (Be careful, slow down)
If you slip while walking in mud, a Liberian might say this to you.
“Take time"

Vex (angry)
“I am vexed with him!”

“How's da body?” (How are you doing?)

“I’m trying” (I’m doing okay)

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