Amani Girls Club

Amani Liberia has started a wonderful program called the Amani Girls Club.

Liberian girls hoping to finish primary school face incredible odds. They leave school at an early age due to responsibility at home, or simply a lack of support from family and community. This makes them more susceptible to young pregnancy and high-risk jobs like prostitution. Statistics say that if a girl can succeed past the sixth grade, she has a higher chance of graduating from high school. Support to stay in school for the girl child is essential.

The Amani Girls Club goal is to give value and self worth to the young girls in Yekepa. The Girls Club has over 150 girls already. Girls ranging from 8-13 years of age attend one of the four weekly meetings.

             Six students at ABCU---women who are positive, confident role models---lead the club. You can see admiration for the leaders in the faces of the girls.

              The club hopes to build these girls up and help them understand the importance of education, in hopes they will be self-motivated to set their sights high.
"The Slipper Game" at the first Amani Girls Club this September
Dyaddean, an ABCU student and Amani Girls Club leader, speaking on the confidence
An Amani Girls Club member resting up before the activities begin

Amani Girls Club Promise
We promise for the rest of our lives to serve God and our community.
To respect ourselves and others,
And, to live by the Amani Girls Club values:
To be confident,
To be courageous
To be honest
To be kind
And, to stay in school!
God bless the Amani Girls Club of Liberia!

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