Korto Momolu Teaming up with Amani Liberia

Liberian born, Korto Momolu will return to Liberia for the first time in 23 years. Ms. Momolu has a vision to restore Liberia and to show Liberian women the endless possibilities of education, hard work, and passion to obtain their goals and dreams. In 2010, Korto Momolu formed a partnership with Dillard’s Incorporated to design an eye-catching collection of handbags and jewelry that is currently in more than 70 stores across the United States Highlighted as the “fashion designer to watch” by New York magazine. Korto has been featured by major international and national media outlets including the People Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, African Premiere Television, Essence, and many more.

Ms. Korto Momolu’s will design for Amani Liberia, the designs will showcase the narrative depicting the various stages of transformation.   Sankofa means ‘Looking back, but moving forward’. While our past influences who we are our past doesn’t need to hold us back. We can still move forward as we discover our value and worth.

For more information about Korto Momolu, please visit www.KortoMomolu.com. For video from Momolu’s 2011 Spring Collection visit www.aptvnow.com.

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